Link with Parents


Links with Parents

Parents are the main carers and first educators of their children. We will liaise with parents to make our School feel like a home from home to ensure the children feel secure and happy so that they gain and grow in confidence.

ladybugWe use daily diaries for all the children in Peacock Class to inform parents of their child’s activity, these will be exchanged by the child’s key person. We give all new parents a welcome pack and make them aware of the Policies and Procedures of the School to help them feel part of us right from the start. We ask parents to complete an ‘all about me’ sheet and routine sheets to help us gather information on their child.

We inform parents of any staff, management or policy changes and staff training that is taking place through our newsletters. We ensure that all parents feel free to contribute their expertise, ideas and suggestions for any improvements in whatever form that is appropriate for them.

We involve parents in the progress, record keeping and goal setting of their child, both formally and informally. We ensure parents are aware of students carrying out placements and ask for permission for any observations of their child to be carried out. We hold parents meetings at times suitable to both parents and School and arrange individual times to discuss any concerns if they should arise.

We provide opportunities for parents to learn about the School Curriculum and legal guidelines and registration requirements. We notify parents of Ofsted inspections, outcomes and reports, along with informing parents the procedure to register queries, suggestions or complaints.

What to Bring to the Nursery

Your child and you will be shown where their peg and school bag is. You can take or leave your bag as you wish.

Your child will need to bring with them:

  • babyOutdoor coat and Wellingtons for outside play.
  • Sun hat and sun protection during the summer months
  • A pair of slippers or soft shoes.
  • A spare set of clothes. If your child is toilet training then several sets please.
  • A comforter item or dummy may be brought for sleep times and for any times of upset. ( dummies are discouraged from constant use) We would recommend you try to obtain two of the comfort item, just in case one is left behind at school and also to enable the item to be washed regularly for hygiene and health reasons.
  • Children may bring in a toy from home but they are expected to share this item or for it to be placed it in the home box. We cannot accept any responsibility for the toy.

Please named any items brought to School. Please ensure that no medication is left in your child’s bag.


Key code door system

For additional security of the School you will need the key code to enter the school. We ask that you only give this code out to the people collecting your child on a regular basis.

warning-triangleFor additional security of the School you will need the key code to enter the school. We ask that you only give this code out to the people collecting your child on a regular basis.

To enter School parents will need type in the code and pull the top handle down and pull the door towards you. To ensure security and prevent unauthorised access by anyone else please do not let anyone else into the School. To exit you will need to push the magnetic switch located to the left hand side on the inside of the door and pull the top handle down and push the door.

Any other visitors will have to ring the bell to gain entry.