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The Duckling Room’ – Our Baby Unit

baby 1Childcare for babies is offered from the age of three months. The room is bright and cheerful with separate areas for soft play, meal times and sleep.
Our baby room is divided into three areas; the blue room, the sunshine room and the lino/messy area. We follow the key worker system and your child will be allocated to their key person during the first week. During the daily routine the child’s key person will follow age appropriate activities linked with the EYFS Framework.
Before a child starts with us, the Room Leader will discuss the routines with the parents. The aim, where possible, is to continue the established routine. There may be a number of trial sessions before the child starts.
We maintain a daily diary with details of your child’s day and this is shared with the parent at the end of each session. As the baby’s development progresses, we introduce a wider range of activities to stimulate their minds and enhance development. Needless to say, cuddles and comforting are an essential part of their routine at this stage.

‘The Hummingbird Room’ – Our Toddler Unit

toddlerOnce again our room is bright and inviting with soft play area, activity area, sand and water play, reading corner, sleep area and many stimulating resources.
Encouraged by our caring staff, your child’s development will come on in leaps and bounds. During the daily routine children are divided into key groups and the staff follow age appropriate activities linked to the EYFS Framework. We also introduce some basic Montessori activities in this Room.

‘The Kingfisher Room’ – Our Preschool Unit

reading-girl-beanbag-270x300In this room, the learning process is continued within the EYFS framework and the Montessori Method of teaching. We continue to introduce the alphabet, numbers, music and movement, role play, stories and learning games within the key groups into which the children are divided. The daily routine of the Room is displayed on the Notice board.